Public Image Media is an award winning multi-media production company located in Madison, WI.  To date, Public Image Media has won nine awards including a Madison WAVE Merit Award, and a People's Choice Telly Award. 


Founded in 2007, Public Image Media was formed with the customer in mind.  We strive to take a person's, product's or brand's special qualities, and highlight them using our creativity and high quality video productions.  It is critical to us that our videos make a long lasting impact on our client's audience.  


From pre to post production, Public Image Media will help customers accomplish their goals and tell their story.  What sets Public Image Media apart form other production companies is that they are expert storytellers, using the structure of:

1. Stating the problem.  

2. Giving the solution.

3. Providing the client's audience with the client's unique selling points.

4. Call to action.  


We deliver the BIG PICTURE.


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